TaskLED 9

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- Great for use as a work light, spot light or auxiliary dock light. 50, 000 hour LED operation lifetime

- Bright white output from nine efficient LEDs in a 15° spot beam

- Adjustable angle mount with stainless steel hardware

- Durable, waterproof aluminum alloy housing with shatterproof and UV proof polycarbonate lens


The AquaLitz™ by Alpena® TaskLED 9™ is a power efficient LED utility light with an output of 1400 lumens. Featuring a heavy duty aluminum cast housing, a shatter proof and UV resistant lens and an adjustable angle mount this lamp is durable and versatile. Projecting a bright 15° spot beam, TaskLED 9™ uses nine LEDs for high efficiency and clean white output. Great for additional light on dedicated work boats, for fishing boats, for wake towers, and for use as docking lights. A shockproof and waterproof housing is IP65 rated for longevity and durability while each LED has a 50,000 hour lifetime. Installs on any 12-24V DC system.

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