QuadFire RGB

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- Bluetooth app control

- link and control multiple units

- Bright, crisp white with custom color ability

- 9 x RGB SMD LEDs

- 4 x 5W high-power sharp white LEDs

- Durable housing tested to withstand all weather conditions

- Energy efficient (only draws 1.5 amps / 18 watts)


A versatile, compact, and powerful auxiliary light, the QuadFire RGB™ features a range of custom colors, Bluetooth app control, and a crisp, bright white output in an updated design. Optimized electronics power 9 x RGB SMD LEDs & 4 x 5W high power white LEDs to produce an intense spot beam pattern and a full range of customized colors. Sync multiple QuadFire RGB™ units together using the Alpena┬« LED app and build your system with other Alpena┬« products! A fully sealed housing, power lead is rated IP65 for all weather conditions and year-round use. We test thoroughly for toughness and durability. Great for off-road driving, work sites and more. The QuadFire RGB™ is easy to wire and energy efficient. An adjustable angle, single stud mount offers easy adjustment and installation. Works on all 12-24V DC systems - rated at 1.5 amps / 18 watts power consumption at 12V.

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