White Light

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White Light by Alpena® is the result of research into every day tasks, jobs, work sites and utility vehicles. Designed to shine like the sun on a bright, sunny day, White Light is all about providing usable, efficient lighting for a variety of situations and spaces.

The LEDs used in all White Light products are selected for an output of 6500 Kelvin on a color temperature scale, close to daylight at noon hour. The light this line of products emits is specifically calibrated for a realistic CRI, or color rendering index. Some LED lighting distorts the actual color of a product, space, or object ‐ for example a red apple may appear to have a bluish or greenish tinge ‐ this is common in low CRI lighting. White Light quality control has set out to eliminate this and illuminate accurately!

The idea behind White Light by Alpena® was utility driven so to achieve that we have put forth a product assortment that is slim, low profile, and energy efficient. Featuring lights designed for cargo areas, plug and play lights for garages or work spaces, all White Light units are modular in order to expand and add on where more light is needed.

Suitable for almost any 12V DC application and also featuring 110V AC plug-in products, the White Light line of LED lighting is as versatile as it is bright. Some of our typical installations include in cargo vans to illuminate tool & raw material storage, in workshops to shine down on work tables, in trunks and cargo holds of everyday vehicles for easy loading, and a host of other applications.

Each product has been thoroughly tested in our facilities using a photometric sphere for accuracy, longevity, and efficiency. Real-life testing also occurs to make sure the end consumer can depend on our products for years to come!