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The EZLINK system was developed to make installation, modification, and expansion easier for consumers and installers. Evolving from our plug and play, four pin home LED system, EZLINK employs four power pins instead of a bare wire on each end of the LED strip. This not only eliminates tricky soldering previously required to join multiple strips, but also allows us to improve on the water resisting quality of the power connection.

Spanning three different LED strip designs, MultiGloz, MAX, and FlexLED, EZLINK is the latest and greatest in Alpena LED lighting technology. Where previous plug and play connections were reserved for interior use only, the EZLINK system was specifically designed for exterior and interior use in all seasons and climates.

A main feature of EZLINK is the patent pending, custom designed and developed four pin connection with an integrated seal. A thin gasket surrounds the male end of the EZLINK system so that when the male and female ends are mated a seal is formed. This action and technology prevents dirt, water, moisture, dust and debris from damaging the power pins and or compromising the connection. Each mated connection clips together using a top mounted snap clip on the female end that firmly contacts a raised ridge on the male end to secure the connection, making EZLINK vibration resistant.

A range of accessories fills out the EZLINK lineup. Fully Bluetooth linked, smartphone app controlled hubs, quick & easy 12V power adapters, extension cables and installation kits make lighting your vehicle an easier process. If you are an advanced installer, don't worry, you can still hardwire EZLINK!

EZLINK is well integrated into our app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The EZLINK Starter Kit hub controls all three strip types simultaneously, and can perform a set of functions within single color MAX and FlexLED strips while allowing the user full custom color, preset colors, and a group of color changing patterns on the MultiGloz RGB strip.

EZLINK has all the benefits of a traditional LED strip while incorporating a new level of installation simplicity, modularity, durability, and weather resistance. Tested in the hot summers and frigid winters of Ontario, Canada, we're sure any EZLINK product will stand up to the test!