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Aqualitz by Alpena® is what happened when a group of long time car enthusiasts discovered the fun in boating. Taking all the Alpena® knowledge and experience gained in almost forty years of automotive lighting, Aqualitz was made. The goal was to produce a line specifically for boats and life on the water. To make this line functional, well thought out, and durable were key motivators in developing all Aqualitz products. In the end we are proud to offer LED lighting that has been tested to adapt and last in boating environments. From lighting that gives you bragging rights, to lighting that aids in safe boating to lighting that makes jobs easier at Aqualitz we want you to customize your watercraft!

Part of being on the water means exposure to a lot of sun, a lot of moisture, and in some environments, a lot of salt. All Aqualitz LED strips have been coated to protect against UV rays that leave crisp white plastics yellowed and hazy.

Why white you ask? To manage temperatures and blend in with exposed fiberglass. White reflects sunlight and remains cooler to the touch than black. Keeping everything cool is important!

Don't be afraid to get any Aqualitz product wet; we salt spray test our coatings so that they stand up to the demands of saltwater environments. In addition, Aqualitz offers products that range from an IP65 splashproof rating all the way up to an IP68 rating, submersible up to 100 feet!

Whether you are on the water every day or every weekend Aqualitz LED lighting was built for you and is built to last. Packing a 50,000 hour LED warranty we guarantee against defects in workmanship and we are confident that our LEDs will shine on all the way up to 50,000 hours.

Enjoy bright and efficient boating!