#Hug Buddy

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Our #HUGBUDDY is not your average device holder ‐ sure it may clip into your vehicle's vents just like other options on the market but the design ethos stretches beyond utilitarian black plastic. We want to give you a reason to smile every day, and we with the #HUGBUDDY we wanted to transform something everyone needs into something every one also wants.

When you get into your vehicle, your Buddy awaits! #HugBuddy™ is a fun & functional accessory that HUGs your phone, GPS or vehicle device to keep it secure & visible.

Our designers research trends to bring you #HugBuddy™ designs to add delight to your day! Made with soft grip silicone bendable arms & legs that will HUG your phone in transit. Slip your device into #HugBuddy™ for a smooth ride anytime.

We believe in variety and fun in different designs. Ranging from the classic pink and black #HUGBUDDY device holders to a cat, panda or patriotic salute. Our team is scanning the market, scanning trends, and carefully crafting a #HUGBUDDY for you, your partner, your best friend and even your parents and grandparents.

#HUGBUDDY is also an evolution of design. We tirelessly tested clips of different shapes and tensile strengths to bring our customers a nearly universal style that will hold phones of almost all sizes, fit and stay secure in vents of different size, orientation, and style. We monitor customer feedback and work closely with industrial designers to ensure your device is secure and your #HUGBUDDY puts a smile on your face!