LEDLitz - 2 x 14in

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- Water resistant & cut to size

- Edge mounted LEDs for tight spaces and custom installs

- 3M™ foam self-adhesive backing

- Very flexible


The 28" LEDLitz are great accessory lighting strips for headlights, mirrors, taillights and other areas on vehicles. The LEDs are positioned on the circuit board to provide light at a 90-degree angle away from the mounting surface allowing for creative installations in tight spaces where surface mount design (SMD) LEDs generally cannot be used.

This type of positioning is ideal to achieve a "halo" or "angel-eye" look or fit in small gaps. LEDLitz features the highest quality 3M™ foam tape as backing for easy, self-adhering installation. The strips can be cut to size at the pre-determined points marked by the small scissor icon and are extremely flexible and can contour to curved surfaces, allowing for custom and creative installs.

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Voltage 12V
Waterproofing IP65
Installation Type 3M™ Foam tape
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