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Alpena has been part of the automotive accessory landscape for 40 years - that's a long time!

We specialize in all kinds of automotive accessories with a main focus on auxiliary, off road, and accent lighting. Jeep fans will love our large selection of LED light bars, our OpticDrive 7, our LED ToughPods, and much more in our Off Road lighting assortment. Cars, trucks, SUVs, and ATVs certainly have not been forgotten as our QuadFire, UtilityLED, SlimBar and SeroBar series are excellent ways to add more light to your drive.


We also look after more specialized applications such as garages, RVs, work spaces, and all sorts of specialty vehicles. In fact, we have an entire line dedicated to bright, no nonsense utility lighting - White Light by Alpena. This line was a group-up solution dim interiors and storage spaces and a must-have for those who work or camp in their vehicles.


We're always looking trying to help people who buy our products by making installation easier and by overhauling and improving product features. A great example being our EZLINK LED strip system. We've made it easier to install by giving you the option to power your lights straight from your 12V cigarette plug without having to do any wiring at all! EZLINK products are also easier than traditional strips to extend by using our patented clip design making soldering strips together a thing of the past!


All of us at Alpena believe style is just as important as function. Our LEDBar 15 RGB & QuadFire RGB are not only Bluetooth app controlled, but also capable of impressive RGB color and bright white light output. No sacrifices here!

Mass market retailers and small customers alike have trusted us to improve their driving experience whether it be with some extra lighting, a comfortable steering wheel cover or keeping your interior organized. Keeping our eyes on automotive trends and carefully product testing to ensure high quality results, we guarantee you'll be happy with us and if you're not we'll be there to give you a top notch customer service experience. Thanks in advance for your business!

Alpena Testing Sphere

Objective testing for all automotive & home lighting products!

At Alpena we test the exact outputs of our lights in house with a photometric sphere. We can generate comprehensive reports on all types of automotive and home lighting.

Like a lie detector test, the sphere produces completely unbiased, accurate figures in lumens, CRI (Color Rendering Index), and general brightness. At Alpena, we exhaustively test all of our LED products for longevity (decay in brightness) and make sure we offer the best value, quality, and brightness.

Testing Sphere