EZLINK FlexLED White Extension Kit 1 x 36in

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- An easy way to add more light & expand an existing EZLINK FlexLED™ system

- EZLINK™ strips snap together and a specially designed seal holds connections tight and protects from the elements

- Developed for interior and exterior use

- Expand, add-on, and separate strips without any soldering or cutting

- Powerful and efficient LEDs, flexible, & cut to size


Add an extra long and flexible extension your Alpena┬« EZLINK™ system with the 36" (90cm) FlexLED™ Extension strip - these clips right into any other Alpena┬« FlexLED™ strip and the EZLINK MultiGloz RGB! The EZLINK™ system snaps together easily to extend, expand, and add on strips with no cutting, wiring or soldering.

Designed for interior and exterior use, each strip is flexible, cut to size and sealed against the elements. Each end has a brand new clip system to protect the electrical connection from damage. Featuring advanced LEDs, each FlexLED™ strip is easy to install with high-quality 3M™ foam tape backing on each strip.

More Information
Voltage 12V DC
Power (W) 14.4W Per Strip
Amperage at 12V (A) 1.2A Per Strip
Waterproofing IP65
Installation Type 3M Foam Tape
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