5M MegaLED

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- 16 feet of bright, flexible, and efficient LED strip lighting. Highest quality 3M™ foam tape backing adheres to almost any surface

- Cut to size for custom installations

- Easy to install

- Low power consumption


AquaLitz™ by Alpena® MegaLED™ kits are a great bulk LED solution for large applications. 16 feet (five meters) of flexible, bright and efficient LED strip lighting can be used as accent or utility lighting in exterior and interior applications. Each end of the strip has an easy to install two-wire lead and the strip can be cut to size and joined for custom installations. Energy efficient and bright, MegaLED has a high quality 3M™ foam tape backing that will adhere to almost any surface for durability and versatility. Great for interior & exterior use on almost all boat sizes to accent living areas, light up storage compartments and many other uses. Installs in any 12V DC system.